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Tv_Haven is a community that was formerly Tubealicious 911 forums. Here you can discuss all your favourite tv shows. We have great discussions, the latest spoilers, fun games/challenges and more! We hope you join/friend the community! :) Although many of our discussion threads are open to all, entries containing spoilers, fanart and voting/winners for challenges are all locked and you must join to see them. You can also browse through our Memories to see everything we have to offer.


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{o1} It's okay to not like a character/actor/actress, and voicing your opinion (within reason) is fine. However, please refrain from using unacceptable, tasteless, classless, crass, and/or misogynistic terms. We could care less about most of the profanity that's used, but if we (the maintainers) see you using a word that falls into one or more of those categories, we will warn you. If we see you doing it again, we will have no choice but to ban you. [Of course, if there is a thread of discussion going on that is solely about something you dislike, it's very easy to simply not comment at all.]

{o2} All posts made to this community are tagged and added to the memories so you can use both these features to see all the posts.

{o3} Entries containing Show Spoilers, Fanart and Challenges (i.e. Fanart, Fanfiction & Fanvid Challenges) are all friends-locked and you must join the community in order to view them.

{o4} Have fun! :D


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Formerly Tubealicious 911 forums.